Introducing The Centre for Shamanism's Introduction to Shamanism course...

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • 1- Introduction to Shamanism - Welcome

    • 2- Important things you need to know...

    • 3 -Shamanic Terms

    • 4 -FAQ's

  • 2


    • 5 - A brief history of Shamanism

    • 6 - What is a Shamanic Journey

    • 7- Understanding the Shamanic Map

  • 3

    Before a Journey

    • 8 - Setting Sacred Space & Creating an Altar

    • 9 - The Importance of Intention

    • 10 - Things to Think About

  • 4

    After a Journey

    • 11 - Clearing & Grounding

  • 5

    Performing a Shamanic Journey

    • 12 - Connecting with the drum

    • 13 - Connecting with a guide

    • 14 - Understanding your Journeys

    • 15 - The Journey Journal

  • 6


    • 16 - The Importance of Taking Action

    • 17 - Conclusion

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Frequently asked questions

Your Questions Answered

What if I’m not good at working on my own or online?


The Centre for Shamanism offers access to our online community for all members. In this community you will have access to peer support and Rhonda will be available to answer any particularly difficult questions. 

Each online course has a discussion section where you can ask questions and connect

We have created a Tribe so although you are working online you will feel a part of the global community within the Centre.


I was under the impression that Shamanism should be taught in person.


Shamanism is magic and transcends time and space. The Centre for Shamanism has it’s own set of Guides and Animal Totems who are available to work with each member, holding the space of transformation and a container for change for everyone who signs up. That’s the Magic of Shamanism!


I thought Shamanism was only for Indigenous people.


Shamanism is an ancient way of working. The name comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia, but all cultures have their own version of the Shaman - curandero, bard, storyteller, healer, magician, witch or the medicine woman/man. We ALL have indigenous ancestors if we travel back far enough and we all have the right to explore and discover our own personal relationship with the magic, wisdom and guidance of Shamanic practise.

What if I struggle with the content?


We have created easy to understand course content which has discussion panels within each lesson so if you're having difficulty with any part of the course, there will always be someone on hand to help!


What if I don’t like the course or it doesn’t resonate with me?


We offer a full, no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee although we think you will love it!


One last note from Rhonda

My Favourite quote is from the Author Roald Dahl:

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"

Come and find magic with The Centre for Shamanism.

In service to you always,